Inventory Made-To-Fit

Custom-Made Because There’s Only One You

Do you sleep on your back, side or stomach? When you lie down, are there unsupported gaps between you and the mattress? Let’s face it, you have a very personal decision to make—which means asking the right questions is essential. Stop by our showroom and we’ll have a no-pressure discussion that can lead to a custom-made bed that addresses your unique needs.      

if you know you want support, we make sure you get it

Too firm? Not firm enough? Just right? There’s only one way to answer any of these questions. Stop by our showroom, lie down on a few mattresses then stand up and have an informed discussion with one of our expert salespeople. 

if you know you want plush options, we make sure you have plenty

Were you disappointed with your last mattress? Did the plush option you chose end up being less than ideal because it wore out too quickly? Let us remove all those frustrations as we guide you to the plush mattress that’s just right for your unique needs.

if you know you want a bed to last forever, we make sure you come close

Do you want a bed that’s going to last and last and last? Want to make sure you’re not sacrificing luxurious comfort for one single night? Our formula is simple: We ask the right questions upfront then custom-make your forever bed. 

if you know you want budget options, we make sure you get them

If money were no object, you probably wouldn’t be reading these words right now. Our salespeople understand your challenges and can guide you to a bed that’s just right for you and your budget. 

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