Latex Core Characteristics
• Two-sided, flippable mattress
• Sewn in handles
• Edge support clips that are placed on the perimeter of the innerspring to prevent the mattress from collapsing around the outer edge
• Extra Plush
• 6" All Natural Latex Rubber- Latex is flexible and highly durable. It reduces back and neck pain, and relieves pressure points.
• No inner spring
• Coiled Box Spring- L&W Bedding is the only company to sell box springs within a THOUSAND MILE RADIUS! Box springs have a thicker, stronger inner spring and a mattress inner spring. Apposed to the steal foundation, box springs add support and absorb weight from the pressure applied to the mattress. This system adds twice the life to the mattress!
Latex Core (Medipedic)

Soft and Dreamy

Dreams are sweeter with the right mattress. To learn more about our soft, dreamy latex core options, take a look at the detailed description provided here. And to experience it firsthand, visit our showroom. We look forward to seeing you there.

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