Eclipse Characteristics
• High-end mattress
• Highest quality innerspring unit in the industry
• Additional support with increased number of edge clips around the perimeter of the innerspring
• Soft
• Pillow Top
• Two-sided, flippable mattress
• All natural Latex Rubber- Latex is Flexible and highly durable. It reduces back and neck pain, and relives pressure points.
• Gel Foam- Gel is a cooling foam that resists motion transfer (movement from sleep partner), increases air circulation, relives pressure points, and aids in spinal alignment.
• Coiled Box Spring- L&W Bedding is the only company to sell box springs within a THOUSAND MILE RADIUS! Box springs have a thicker, stronger inner spring and a mattress inner spring. Apposed to the steal foundation, box springs add support and absorb weight from the pressure applied to the mattress. This system adds twice the life to the mattress!

Plush Quality

Our Eclipse mattresses offer the plush quality you’re looking for. You can find specifics about their construction right here. And you can experience that exceptional construction for yourself by visiting our showroom.

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